About Us

We deliver great business value. Big or small, we can help!
Our core business experience is founded on over 20 years of business development success with 'blue chip' companies including IBM, Bell Canada, TELUS and Honeywell. Principal Barry Farquharson leads on delivery of progressive solutions.
Trailblazing sales and marketing efforts with IBM and Bell helped launch two new business divisions related to e-business and e-commerce in Western Canada. Barry is also currently CEO of an advanced research and development company developing healthy, diabetic-safe functional food solutions.
Over the last 15 years Changewave has focused on delivery of a wide range of professional consulting and business development solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), Agriculture, and Emerging Industry clients. Our widely recognized team building skills leverage a strong network of service providers, and add additional depth to our core skill sets.
Our team is perfectly positioned to meet your business needs!
  • Business Plans - Business Cases - Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Pro formas
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Change Strategies
  • Business Development Programs
  • Technology Roll Outs
Our client base includes:
  • Large Enterprise
  • Small and Medium Business
  • Business Start Ups
  • Non-Profits and Cooperatives
  • Municipal and Provincial Government Departments across Canada.
Changewave delivers outstanding results. Since 2004 we have helped clients:
  • Raise several million $$ in public and private financing
  • Deliver progressive, successful business models contributing to positive change and progress
  • Save several million $$ in project delivery cost, using innovative partnering and outsourcing delivery strategies
  • Evolve their business model to keep pace with change, and stay vital
We provide services on either a fixed cost or hourly basis. Your unique requirements determine the best engagement model.

Additional Services Available


Changewave teams with outstanding service delivery partners to deliver significant value-add to your requirements, as required. We can bundle these services as part of a single agreement, or work on an 'arms-length' basis with all parties to ensure we meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.  
Services our trusted partners provide include:
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Development
  • Website Development
  • Multi-Media Development, including:
  • Brochures, Banners, Displays, and Business Signs
  • Media Kits
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Campaigns
Our end-to-end services are ‘Made-in-Canada’ - delivered professionally and affordably.
Changewave Canada can sub-contract these services as part of a ‘one-stop-shopping’ approach, or on a referral basis if you wish to work with these service providers directly.

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