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Delivering An Operations Manual: The ‘Playbook’ for Expansion Success

Engagement Cost: $25,000 – $50,000

Purpose: Establish ‘Gold Standard’ Processes for Engineering Firm Office Operation and Management

Process: Three stage, six-month gated process.

Payoff: A Legacy “Handbook’ providing a step-by-step manual/reference guide for internal processes.

This engagement successfully:

  1. Reviewed requirements and existing processes
  2. Enacted appropriate changes, and
  3. Optimized processes related to efficient long-term office and administrative operation.
  4. Built and initiated ‘best practices’ for office and administrative functionality.
  5. Blended existing business practices of a forward-thinking, growing, innovative engineering firm with recommended best practices for business.
  6. Developed operations manual that defined and enabled business ‘best practices’.