Economic Development

Regional Economic Development

Rural Progression Assists Long Term Sustainability

Engagement Cost Range: Over $100,000.

Funds Raised: $234,000.

Services Delivered:

  • Market Analysis and Assessment
  • Technical Analysis, Key Success Factors Review
  • SWOT Analysis of Projects – Project Quality Assessment, Including Interviews
  • SWOT Analysis of Regional Fit to Projects
  • International Client Survey
  • Documentation of Findings and Recommendations
  • In-Depth Plan to Attract Short Listed Companies
  • Financial Review and Assessment of Requirements for All Parties
  • Review and Coordination of Financial Options
  • Review and Coordination of Extended Stakeholders, Influencing Parties; Development of Focused Proposal(s) for Short List
  • Presentations to Interested and Qualified Ag-Business Clients
  • Development and Delivery of International Multi-Media Marketing Kit, Including Brochures, and Promotional Video.

Results: Due diligence and identification of international parties of interest for agriculturally focused regional economic development.