Creative, Affordable Pursuit of Excellence

Founded in 2003, Changewave Canada was built to deliver creative and affordable Business Consulting solutions.

We deliver great client results.

In the 2020’s, we have added IMSM, a world-class Quality Management System (ISO) service organization to our service delivery team.

And we provide Business Advisory services to Prospect Human Services, a not-for-profit solution provider. In this role we assist Entrepreneurs with Disabilities.

Changewave Canada will help you effectively bridge the gap between where you are at, and where you are going.

Our Credentials

Blue Chip

Over 20 years of foundational large enterprise business development experience with Honeywell, TELUS, IBM, and Bell Canada. Focus on leading edge new technology roll outs.

Quality Management Systems

The global standard for Quality Management Systems is ISO (International Organization for Standardization). We represent a world leader in ISO delivery. Our team has successfully delivered over 15,000 ISO implementations.

Blue Collar

Over 15 years of independent business consulting to Small and Medium Business (SMB) with a focus on new business development. We have been on the front line with SMB for a long time.

Entrepreneurs With Disabilities

This program is delivered through Prospect Human Services. It assists Edmonton Alberta region clients who are interested in starting their own business. We advise on the development of business foundations and funding options to help them move forward.

Our Team

Changewave Canada is composed of: Principal Barry Farquharson, a core team of proven regional associates, and a cast of literally thousands of highly talented global teammates.
We are proud to be associated with these amazing resources.

Let’s Build Something Together

We have a rich history of delivering creative, affordable business solutions for clients of all sizes and types. We would love to be of service to you!