Ideas + Implementation = Success

Implementing best practices in your organization delivers proven internal and external business benefits.

And ISO Quality Management Systems are universally recognized as the ‘go-to’ standard for best practices – across all business types.

Over 1,000,000 businesses around the world use ISO standards to benefit internal business performance, supply chain quality, and downstream client satisfaction.

How does your business stack up? Can ISO Quality Management Systems improve your business?

Definitely! ISO will help you:

  • Streamline internal processes. Improve efficiency, contain costs, increase accountability and improve traceability.
  • Build your brand. The ‘ISO’ designation is globally recognized. It opens your business and brand to more clients both at home and abroad. (You have likely seen the ‘ISO certified’ banners on buildings and businesses).
  • Improve staff/team performance and motivation. Your team will have better clarity, enabling improved focus on business objectives. They will have better defined core business requirements. AND will have input into ongoing process improvement.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction. By providing faster, better, and more accurate product and service delivery, you build and sustain long term customer loyalty, and reduce churn.

Importantly, ISO is not a ‘one-off’ exercise. Implemented ISO systems integrate into your business forever. Regular reviews ensure that quality stays at the forefront of your business. Continuous improvement processes drive ongoing, progressive business development.

IMSM ( has successfully delivered over 15,000 customized ISO Quality Management System solutions globally. A keystone to our success is FIXED BUDGET DELIVERY.

As IMSM representatives in Northern Alberta we can deliver 23,000 + global ISO systems, including Environmental Management Systems, Information Data and Security, and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems to your doorstep.

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